Alcohol and what it does

Alcohol rehabilitation  alcoholism

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a broad term used to describe alcohol addiction. This disorder used to be divided into two categories of problem. One was alcohol abuse and the other was alcohol dependence. Alcoholism takes it form in various ways.


Some of the symptoms to look out for are drinking large quantities over a long period of time, health issues, unable to cut down on consumption, limiting fulfillment of responsibilities, the over bearing desire to drink, depression, restlessness and violence. These are typically the symptoms of an individual who is dependent on alcohol.

Getting help

Alcohol addiction is treatable in many ways. Often the most popular route for alcohol withdrawal is rehabilitation. Some people choose outpatient treatment, others choose a full on detoxification in-house process. Alcoholism treatment is largely determined by the level of the addiction. The longer the misuse has been occurring for the more likely there is to be a strong physical dependency on alcohol, as well as mental. The worse the physical dependency the more likely it is that the individual would require intense alcohol detox. Alcohol withdrawal should be managed properly, especially if the abuse has been long term. It can often take weeks to ensure withdrawal is done safely and effectively. It is worth noting that detox alone does not actually ‘cure’ alcoholism. Following on from detox it is essential that a treatment programme is followed and adhered to in order to reduce the risk of relapse.

How long is rehab

Most treatment centres have the option of a long and a short-term stay. Either option will provide therapy, both individual and group. There are many tools available to anyone who wishes to break the cycle of alcohol abuse and destructive behavior.

The recovery process is not easy, but it is achievable with the correct help. The benefits of finally being addiction free are immeasurable, both mentally and physically. It’s never too late to seek valuable help and advice.